The next GWDT!

As you might have figured from the fact that my Twitter icon and half my gifs are from either the Swedish or the American movie... I love the Millennium series. Lisbeth is a character ahead of her time, and these books more than satisfy my craving for darkness. *pets white Persian cat while sipping tears of her enemies from a crystal chalice*.Before you ask, yes, I considered performing Willow's spell from BtVS to resurrect Stieg Larsson and make him write the other seven books in the projected Millennium series, Annie Wilkes-style. But when I heard there would be a fourth book, written by a different author, I was... conflicted.Now we have a title, a cover, and a blurb (in Swedish, for the moment--all hail Google Translate!). S*** just got real.millennium 4I've already seen criticisms of the title (which is nitpicking--after all, all titles were translations, and unrelated translations at that. The first book was called Men Who Hate Women), the cover, and the fact that it's being done against the wishes of Larsson's former partner. So will I go for it? Will I risk disliking it? Is it ethical of me?The answers? 1)Probably. 2)Nothing can ruin the previous three books for me, so yes, and 3)Uh... questionably?First, I don't think it's that wrong of Lagercrantz to pick up where Larsson left off. No, it's not plagiarism, fanfiction, or, as several people online put it, "a talentless author who has nothing of his own so he must steal from the greats." Are you kidding? If anyone asked ME if I wanted to pick up the Millennium series, what do you think I would have said? It's the highest honor imaginable. Sadly I'm not famous and I don't know s*** about hacking. A Word file is about as much as I can handle, tech-wise (which is probably why I'm the world's most inconsistent blogger. Heh).Worse come to to worse, borrow it from the library, although I recommend getting on the wait list, like, fifteen minutes ago. Me, I'll go for it. The possible reward outweighs the risk.The book is supposed to release Sept. 1st, 2015. This is probably the first time in my life I've been impatient for my summer break to be over.