Review: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

gone girlI feel like for Gillian Flynn, four stars (instead of the 6 out of 5 for her other two books) is a detractor.There was so much awesome in this book. So much awesome. The sickeningly evil and disgusting characters that I've come to expect (and anticipate!), the plot twists that made me finish it within hours, and that inexplicable something that grabs me by the scruff of the neck as soon as I open one of her books and doesn't let go. If you liked the other two, you know what I mean.But.I can see why a lot of people here took forever to read it or even gave up on it. The first part is endlessly drawn out. It should have been half the size. The only thing that kept me reading, frankly, was the fact that it was Gillian Freakin' Flynn and I knew that goodies were to come.And of course THAT ENDING. (SORT-OF SPOILERS ahead, so stop reading now if you intend to read the book.) Okay, okay, I get it. Crime pays. The wily, affable sociopath walks away scot-free. This might be the chilling and sad truth of life, but there's a difference between life and fiction. And for fiction, this does not make a satisfying ending. I'd even go so far as to say it makes a wallbanger ending. I feel like I just went on a really awesome roller coaster, it was breathtaking, super-exciting... and just as I was readying for that final drop that sends my stomach into my nostrils, it came to a slightly bumpy, limp end and I had to get out. It doesn't cancel out the awesomeness of the preceding ride, but it kind of leaves me thinking, If I knew it ended like this... I might not have gone.